How High School Students Can Graduate with 30 College Credits

Can you afford college?

Most high school parents and students can't afford college, which is no surprise since the average private school in 2015-16 cost over $47,000.

How are you going to afford that? Most can't make that much in a year, much less save that much. And what if you have more than one child? 

Most students afford college by borrowing money, but the average graduating student in 2016 had over $37,000 in student debt. For your student, that'll be ten years of paying $387 per month. If they marry a college graduate, they'll be paying double that. 

You can save the day for your student!

Credit-by-exam tests like CLEP and DSST give students opportunities to earn college credit for information they already know or that they can easily learn through independent study.

Over 2,900 schools accept CLEP tests (including Liberty University and many other well known colleges). CLEP has helped college students to save millions, and as college gets more expensive, CLEP tests get more popular. 

One CLEP exam costs approx. $100 to take, and the best study resources for each can cost $0-80. Passing one can earn your student 3-12 credits and save him or her thousands of dollars. 

The even better news for you is that many of the CLEP subjects are closely related to courses your student takes in high school (Algebra, American Literature, U.S. History, etc.) and are simple to to study for after a student has completed the equivalent high school course. 

Your free 30 credit high school action plan

One of the things I offer in my private consultations is a high school action plan where I show you how to pair CLEP tests, high school courses, and the right study resources to ensure passing and credit-earning success.

Taking CLEP tests can be frightening for some, but I took 102 credits worth, have studied the requirements of many different schools, and have created thorough study guides for many different CLEP exams, so I know what I am doing and can get you started by offering you a free quote on how much you could save by using credit-by-exam tests and other accredited self-guided learning options.

First though, I want to get you started by showing you how you could easily earn 30 college credits during high school.

How do you use this?

After your student takes one of the high school courses on the left, have him or her take the CLEP test(s) on the right. Make sure to use MyCollege study guides and study resources. 

Send the credits to your student's desired CLEP-friendly college when he or she passes the test, and your student will have earned 30 college credits.

And, if you've been doing the math, you know that taking these seven tests will only cost your student approx. $1,000!

Ready for more?

We have only begun. Thirty credits will be all some students want. Others will want to test out of many more. Whatever you and your student want, get a free MyCollege savings quote to make sure you are saving as much as possible and are applying your CLEP credits to a school that will accept them.

Many use CLEP to eliminate student debt every year. Find out how much you could save.