Liberty University's MyCollege GPA Rating: 3.25

Liberty University is the world's larger Christian university and a good school for MyCollege students to consider. We at MyCollege wanted to show you exactly what kind of an experience you can expect if you consider Liberty University, so we rated it according to our MyCollege GPA Rating System.

We can show you how much credit-by-exam you can apply to LU and how many thousands of dollars you can expect to save when you use MyCollege to attend Liberty University.

Self-Guided Learning Acceptance: A

Liberty University has very flexible standards for credit-by-exam acceptance and even offers some of their own credit-by-exam options (mainly for religion classes). LU accepts all or nearly all of the CLEP exams at the ACE recommended scores and credit amounts. In addition, they accept several StraighterLine courses, they are very flexible with transfer credit, and they accept DSST tests at standard score requirements. As far as self-guided learning acceptance, Liberty University sets an excellent standard for other colleges. 

Quality and Variety of Education: B

Liberty University has high academic standards and offers a wide variety of classes, but it does not have the reputation that other, more established schools have earned. Liberty University asks much of its students and has many degrees and majors to choose from so that nearly any student can happily study there. There is a thriving honors program and many opportunities for academically challenging extracurricular activities. While LU may not have the reputation of schools like Harvard, Duke, or William & Mary, it is continuing to grow in excellence and already offers exactly what many students will need.

Projected Expense: C

Before scholarships and at the highest tier of room and board options, Liberty University costs approximately $34k per year. At the lowest living standards, it only costs just over $30k and with scholarships can cost much less. 

While Liberty University may not seem affordable at first, for students with good grades, the tuition cost ($22k per year) can decrease dramatically. In fact, Liberty University so often provides scholarships to students that if scholarships were considered, the school could conceivably have scored a B in this category. Before you count the cost too quickly, go to Liberty's website and get your own tuition assessment. 

Student Experience: A

Liberty University provides a wide variety opportunities to its students: from internship connections, a year-round snow slope, a Division I football team to intramural sports, famous speakers, and innumerable ministry opportunities. Liberty University has many things for a student to do but also provides good customer service and carefully assists its students in applying for classes, advises their class choices, and helps them to be successful. 

MyCollege GPA Rating: 3.25

Liberty University is a good school for MyCollege students. While LU is expensive, scholarships, flexible credit-by-exam guidelines, and other in-house opportunities to save money will help students to save money and earn a high quality degree that prepares them for the future. Add to that the fact that Liberty University also offers many graduate degree programs that students can easily transition into, and you can see why Liberty University is a strong contender for most MyCollege students.

We have already made sample degree plans for Liberty University, and with credit-by-exam testing, we know we could save you as much as $90,000 on your degree there. Get a free quote, and we will be happy to tell you how much you could save.