MyCollege Private Consultation

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MyCollege Private Consultation

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When you purchase these consultations, you'll learn how to save tens-of-thousands of dollars on an education at your chosen college. We can talk about any of the topics listed below, but the session will be guided by your needs and questions. 

1. FORMULATE: We meet to discuss creating a Four Step Perspective that shows how college and debt affect one’s future. We talk about how the entire process works, and we work with you to find a college that will fit your goals and help you to succeed.

2. NAVIGATE: We narrow down your college and major choices, and we help you to create a MyCollege degree plan that helps you to save as much money as possible.

3. ACTUATE: We create an action plan that will show how and when you will take specific credit-by-exam tests. We also show you where to find and how to use the very best study resources out there. Plus, if you are in high school, we will help you to integrate your credit-by-exam tests into your high school courses.

4. GRADUATE: We meet to help keep you on track and ready to graduate at the right time and within your budget.

Once you purchase a consultation, we'll be in contact shortly to ask you questions about your situation and to get you started!

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