What makes the MyCollege process so helpful?

When it comes to college, you worry that college debt is inevitable for your high school student, but MyCollege shows your student how to use credit-by-exam tests to keep college costs low, so you can have peace of mind that your young adult is happy, educated, and debt-free.

Save money and defeat loans

Defeat college loans and save money

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Finish college on your student's schedule

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Help your student prepare for a career


Bottom Line: You can hugely reduce college's average $120K price tag and defeat student debt!



We'll help you to assess what you need and what you know, and we'll help you to pick the  best college for you.



We'll work with you to create an action plan for your degree so that you know which tests and classes you need to take.



You'll learn how to pass any credit-by-exam test and which study resources are the best to use.



You'll graduate with no student debt, faster than other students, and knowing exactly what you need to know. 


Clifford S.

Clifford (22) used exams to finish college for $7,423 and was then accepted as an intern for a US senator and now teaches college English classes and directs a writer center while supervising 21 employees.

Kyle V.

Kyle (22) used exams to finish his college degree early and debt-free. He then attended graduate classes at Cambridge, attended a top-level school in Washington DC, and works at the Pentagon.


Joshua R.

Joshua (23) used exams to finish college early and debt-free. He runs a play production company, directs a youth group, and creates movies, one of which was accepted at a Christian film festival.

Your MyCollege Consultation

We help with the topics below and more!


You come away from this appointment knowing the secrets to affording college, and we will begin preparing your plan for escaping student debt. 

  1. We assess what you already know by looking at high school, already finished college classes, and on-the-job experience.

  2. We teach you the 4 Step Perspective that prepares you or your student for thinking about student debt, career, and the future.
  3. We help you to calculate earning power and compare that to the size of student loans you would be considering without us.
  4. We show you our three principles for picking an affordable, quality college
  5. We teach you about many different ways to make college affordable



You will choose a college and major, and we will work alongside you to create a degree plan that will support your personal success and defeat student debt. 

  1. We will provide you with a cost estimate for three colleges and majors you choose.
  2. You will narrow down your options to the college that will best help you to succeed. 
  3.  We will show you the credit-by-exam options that will best serve you.
  4. We will contact your college to navigate their credit requirements so you do not have to.
  5. We will explain to you how your college's system works and make sure you understand your own personal MyCollege process. 


You will learn how to be successful when you study for and take credit-by-exam tests. You will be prepared to pass every one that you need for your degree.

  1. We will help you to plan which credit-by-exam tests and other options you should study for and take first.
  2. We will show you how to study for a credit-by-exam test effectively, using the best study resources. 
  3. We will help you to create a study schedule that will have you passing your tests every time.
  4. If you are in high school, we will show you how to incorporate credit-by-exam tests into your high school courses so that you can earn college credit while earning high school credit


You will keep to your personal debt-destroying schedule, and we will help you to do it. If anything happens or changes, we will be there to help you.

  1. We will meet with you to assess where you are in the process.
  2. We will help you to focus on where you need to be and make sure that you are getting there.
  3. As you sign up for classes, we will help you to make sure that you are signing up for the right ones. 
  4. We will guide you through the graduation process and will help you to make sure that you have all of your tests transferred, your grades submitted, and your application for graduation ready. 

When you register for a MyCollege consultation, we ask questions about your situation and customize our helps to your needs.

If you are not quite ready to register, you can still get your free MyCollege Savings Quote!

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