The MyCollege Online Workshop

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The Problem

Parents of high school students are worried, and they have good reason to be so. College is more expensive and difficult to complete than ever. The average student loan debt is approaching $30,000, and the average student graduation time is almost six years. Add to that the fact that over one-third of Americans has a bachelor's degree, and you can see the obvious problem.

College degrees are more expensive than they have ever been, and they are less likely than ever to help your student stand out in the job market.

But MyCollege provides a solution for you and your student. Together you can register for the MyCollege Online Workshop and go through our four modules so you can learn how to make sure that your young adult is happy, educated, and debt-free. Or you can get a free quote for our private consultations.



  • Assess students' education to determine the best ways for them to earn college credit.
  • Use specific guidelines to choose a flexible college and major that will enable your students to accomplish their goals.
  • Create a thorough plan specific to your student's college using CLEP, DSST, StraighterLine credit, and other options so your students can save money and time.
  • Also included: lists of closely-related CLEP and DSST exams students can take at the same time, a list of CLEP and DSST tests students can take during high school, and guidance on how to prioritize tests.

We'll show your students how to select college courses, CLEP exams, DSST exams, and other self-guided options so your students can make their own college degree completion plans that they can use with their colleges.



  • Take chosen CLEP tests; your students can do this in high school, while in college, or on their own. 
  • We explain to your students the best study resources there are for CLEP and DSST exams.
  • We explain other self-guided options for earning college credit.
  • We will help you students create a study guide for their first credit-by-exam tests.
  • Your students will learn how to schedule CLEP and DSST tests and get started by earning their own first six college credits.

Prepare for and take CLEP and DSST exams with our suggested study plans and learn how to use the best study resources available. 


You students use knowledge and their degree plans to apply to their colleges successfully and to then start passing classes while monitoring their progress through their degree plan. 



Your students use credits to apply for graduation and to start their careers. They will have saved money and time and given themselves a jumpstart on a career, and we will give them even more advice on how to land their first job.

Register now, and we will guide you and your student to success.